Michigan Whitetail Hunt…a Family Affair

I have been bow hunting my parent’s property for the past 3 years, harvesting 2 does and my first buck, a five point. I spend every free minute I have in the woods once archery season opens here in Michigan. My father typically hunts at his friend’s property near by leaving his property open for myself and my two boys to hunt.

October 18,2016 was an overcast, drizzly day with high winds so my big debate for the day was to hunt or not to hunt…I had decided my chances of shooting a deer were greatly improved in the woods verses the living room so I loaded everything in my car and off I went to my parent’s house…alone, because everyone thought I was crazy!

As I was getting ready in my parent’s driveway to walk back to my stand my dad walked out of his house and asked if I wanted company in which I replied “of course”!

Our sit started off slow but as the wind died down about 40 minutes before sunset the deer started moving. A group of 3 does and their fawns came in first, we sat and enjoyed watching the fawns play. We noticed the does were on alert to something but at the time we didn’t know what, and after about 15 minutes they all quickly ran off.

With only about 20 minutes left of shooting light, I had myself convinced that the does and fawns were our excitement for the night and I was totally fine with that! My dad and I had such a great time together watching deer, talking and telling stories. Just as I was ready to call it a night my dad taps my hand and quietly but firmly says “Buck! Big buck!”…I looked around and to my right was definitely the biggest buck I had ever seen on this property.

I had to quickly get into position to shoot, I drew back my bow and let my arrow fly.We felt confident of my shot and after about 15 minutes walked to were the buck last was and immediately seen blood…I did it, we did it!

We waited the typical hour that seems more like 5 hours at the time before going to track, it’s now a full-on family affair…My dad, my mom, my two boys, my brother his wife and myself. With flashlights and a toilet paper trail, we tracked for about 40yrds before I spotted my buck.

Let the celebration begin! Hugs, high fives and about 500 pictures later it was all sinking into me… what a truly amazing night this had turned out to be, not only because I had just harvested my biggest buck, but because of the memories that were made with my family!

I truly feel that this buck that we had never seen before was a gift to us that night. I know my dad will not be here forever but he is the one who instilled in me my love of the outdoors and hunting and October 18,2016 will be a night neither of us will ever forget.